Responsive, Effective Representation When You Are Injured

Decades Of Experience Protecting The Rights Of Injury Victims

Attorney Andrew H. Graulich has built a respectable legal career over more than 39 years thanks to his professional ethics in protecting the rights of personal injury victims. From his clients’ perspective, he is highly regarded as an efficient lawyer with an approachable personality. He is committed to handling his clients’ legal matters personally, and his clients know he is there to answer their calls.

At his Newark firm, Andrew H. Graulich Attorney at Law, he has guided injury victims through the complete lifespan of a claim process due to work accidents, motor vehicle injuries, and back and neck injuries, among others. As a personal injury lawyer, he is an assertive and effective negotiator when it comes to representing his clients’ interests outside the courts or litigating to defend their rights at trial.

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Sound Legal Advice In Trying Times

In order to provide assertive representation to every client, attorney Graulich knows it is vital to stay current with developments in legislation. This ongoing learning, combined with his decades of experience, are some of the strengths of his practice, allowing him to deliver sound and assertive legal resources and solutions for his clients in New Jersey.

At Andrew H. Graulich Attorney at Law, one case is never exactly like another. Every issue has complexities of its own that the firm’s experienced attorney reviews and studies to develop unique legal advice. He is aware of the difficult situations you or a loved one might be facing. Negotiations and talks with insurance adjusters or liable parties require an experienced negotiator who can effectively communicate and defend your needs. You can rely on the skills of attorney Graulich to protect your interests so that you can focus only on your health and recovery.

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